Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Friday!

Although I'm still quite tired and groggy, I'm starting to get better. My blood test results are way better than past ones, and I'm confident that this illness is finally getting away. Yay! So I'm excited about using the weekend and my somewhat renewed energy to get started on some much needed spring cleaning. Movie watching and strawberries eating will probably also be on the agenda (it's the weekend after all). Well, whatever your plans may be, I hope you'll have a fabulous weekend!

DIY Roundup of the week:

1. DIY grease-fighting lavender dish soap from Henry Happened
2. DIY beet cookies from Design Love Fest
3. DIY hanging flower chandelier from The Sweetest Occasion
4. DIY gold leaf notebooks from Eat Sleep Cuddle (no step by step tutorial, but a general how-to)
5. DIY crocheted cake dome from The Daily Fix

Also, just in case you're feeling crafty and missed yesterday's post, I posted a step by step tutorial for a DIY no sew bunny ear scrunchie.

Happy weekend!


  1. love that flower chandelier!

  2. I'm thinking of you Clemence and hoping you continue to feel better! Great collection. I love those notebooks and the chandelier!

  3. Those cookies are so pretty!