Easter DIY: No Sew Bunny Ear Scrunchie

When I was in China last summer, I remember noticing that most girls had ponytails tied with a scrunchie with bunny ears. I could never pull this off, but thought it was adorable, and kept it in mind for an Easter DIY. It's a great way to use fabric scraps, a simple accessory to wear at an Easter party, and a sweet Easter gift for a little girl. When I was done with the DIY, I saw that there was a similar one on YouTube. Since it's done, I'm still posting my version, but if you would rather follow video instructions, then just hop on over to Ann Le's video tutorial. Also, I wanted to take a picture on myself to show the final result, but I really REALLY look awful these days, as a result of that never-ending sickness and tiredness. You'll have to take my word for it- a friend of mine with gorgeous hair tried it on, and it looked adorable.

Okay, on to the DIY!

Supplies needed:

  • Fabric, about 1/8 yard
  • Fabric glue (or a sewing machine if you prefer to sew)
  • Elastic (I used the 0.25 wide one), about 9"
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Safety pin

Start by cutting a 18" x 3" piece of fabric.

On the right side of the fabric, apply fabric glue all along the top edge (on the longest side), trying to distribute the glue evenly.

Fold (wrong side facing out), press firmly along the edge (where you just applied glue), and let the glue dry for about half an hour.

Once the glue has dried, turn the tube inside out. If you're having trouble, use a pencil or a straw to help you.

Cut a 9" piece of elastic, and attach a safety pin at one end.

Use the safety pin to help you thread the elastic through the tube.

Once you get the elastic through, remove the safety pin and tie both ends of the elastic together.Then fold one end of the fabric tube inwards by about half an inch, push the other side in, joining the scrunchie neatly, and apply glue along one side to close the scrunchie. Press firmly and let dry.

Done with the scrunchie part! Now let's add some bunny ears.

Cut a 12" x 5" piece of fabric.

Fold from the bottom to the top, wrong side facing out.

Fold again, from the left to the right.

Draw the ears in a shape similar to what I did on the photo above. It doesn't need to be exactly the same, of course.

Cut along the lines of the shape you just drew, then unfold. It should look somewhat like a bow (see photo above).

Apply glue all along the edges (right side facing out), trying to distribute the glue evenly. DO NOT apply glue on the center- you want to leave an opening so you can turn it inside out once it's dry.

Press firmly and let dry.

Once the glue is dry, turn the ears inside out (my apologies for the terrible, blown out photo). Then apply glue onto the opening in the center, press firmly and let dry.

Tie the bunny ear piece over the scrunchie.

VoilĂ , you're done! Wear your bunny scrunchie to an Easter party, gift it to your favorite girl, or rock it proudly.


  1. Such a great idea! love it!


  2. Anonymous4/11/2014

    This is just so lovely! Thanks for sharing, i'm going to make one for my niece this weekend. x

  3. Oh SO MUCH lovely thing! ;)

  4. thanks for a lovely tutorial! I'm really gonna make several of these :D

  5. Love this! I didn't know that making the ears is this simple. Thank you so much!!

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