Three Things

Three things I'm loving today:

1. Love more, worry less sounds like a great motto. Beautifully illustrated by Courtney Blair, it's available as a notecard and as a print at Help Ink. Plus, Help Ink gives a portion of the price you pay to the charity of your choice (for example, every $5 spent provides 14 meals to Children's Hunger Fund).

2. Loving this DIY amethyst mirror by Bramble Workshop for Design Love Fest.

3. When lilac will be in season, I'll definitely be trying lilac sugar! I really wonder how it tastes. Get the (super easy) recipe on Call Me Cupcake.


  1. The lilac sugar looks gorgeous. I can only wonder what it will taste like. Please post on this again!

  2. such a cool card

  3. Love all of those links, thank you!

  4. That mirror is just too cute for words :) Hope you're starting to feel better! xx

  5. Isabelle de Guinzan3/23/2014

    Totalement fan du DIY amethyst mirror !