Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Valentine's day! Whether you're in a relationship, married or single, whether you're celebrating or not, I hope you have a love filled day.

If your plans for the weekend involve some DIYing, here my traditional weekly suggestions. I tried the berry lip balm... it's heaven made lip balm!

1. DIY berry lip balm from Oh, Hera
2. DIY faux fur footstool from A Beautiful Mess
3. DIY notebook jacket from Fellow Fellow
4. DIY pearl ring from Honestly WTF
5. DIY easy dry shampoo from Cute DIYs

Have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. I love those pearl rings! They are so cute and they don't look *too* hard. (wait till I actually try it before I say how easy it is - ha!)

  2. Gosh, those rings are stunning! Simple and elegant! great find, can't wait to try it!