Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. I'm still sick and feverish, which makes me work slower than a sloth, and explains the sparse blogging lately. My apologies. I'm looking forward to a laid-back weekend, and sneak in a DIY project or two. If you enjoy getting crafty, maybe you'll enjoy one of the projects from this week's roundup?

1. DIY Speaker Box Cover from A Beautiful Mess
2. DIY Jeweled Heart Sweatshirt from Studio DIY
3. DIY Enamel Faux Agate Necklace from Fall For DIY
4. DIY Wooden Bead Trivet from Nalle's House

Last weekend before Valentine's Day! If you're celebrating and are looking for ideas, I've collected my favorite on a dedicated Pinterest board.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The wooden bead trivet is a really nice idea, think a should have one, too! Thanks for inspiration! Tanja

  2. Oh so pretty! Nice inspiration

  3. That heart sweatshirt! I've got to make that!

  4. Great stuff!!
    Thanks for sharing it
    xx from

  5. Anonymous2/10/2014

    Super groovy. Loved.

  6. Hope you're feeling better! Not seeing any new posts.....take care of yourself, the blog (we) can wait :)

  7. Love it!!!! thank for sharing it!! Come visit my blog someday!!