DIY Tea Party with Loctite

Remember the first video I made in partnership with Loctite UK for the launch of the Loctite Repair Network? Well, it's time for my second video, which is more on the creative side.

I was challenged to create DIY projects suited for a tea party. It's crazy how much I am dependent on glue when it comes to creating. Almost every project I could think of that would suit my theme involved gluing at one point or another.

What I enjoyed the most while working with Loctite glue was how quick it is to dry. I'm quite patient in everyday life, but not at all when I'm creating. The eagerness to see the result of my crafting definitely beats my usual composure. Plus, it's super easy to apply precisely, a considerable bonus for perfectionist crafters.

I made three DIY projects: a three-tier cake stand, a bendable cupcake flag, and a flower headband (that can also be worn as a crown) because what's a tea party without flowers in your hair? You can watch the video below or head on over to the Loctite Repair Network where you can also find more projects from bloggers. I hope you'll enjoy them! 

This post is sponsored by the Loctite Repair Network. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Aw, that's cute!

  2. Love the dishes you chose, and boy do those macaroons look delicious!

  3. cute video! I love the 3 tiered cake stand.

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