2013 Holiday Gift Guide - For Him: The Outdoorsman, The Mixologist and The Dapper Gent (To Buy Or To DIY)

I always find men so hard to shop for, and even harder to DIY for. I usually come up with tons of gift ideas for my lady friends, but when it comes to the men on my list, well, most of the time, I'm stumped.

I started scouring the web for gift ideas for men with no precise idea of what I was looking for. Call it magic of the interwebs, but the more I scoured, the more I was inspired- and I even had to narrow my list of gift ideas for guys! If you're still looking for ideas for the men on your list (to buy or to DIY), I hope you'll enjoy some of these. I'm more of a girly girl, yet I'd love to receive most of these for myself!


1. Huntsman Wooden Swiss Army Knife, $54
2. Douglas Fir Sachet, $5
3. Stainless Steel Flask, $40
4. Noble Handcrafted Maple Syrup, $29
5. Timberland Classic 6" Premium Boots, $175


1. Whisky Stones, $20 (for a set of 9)
2. Brass Bottle Opener, $40
3. 5-Piece Orb Mixology Bar Tool Set, $50
4. Craft Cocktails by Brian Van Flandern, $35


1. J.Crew Microdot Shirt, $80
2. Dark Woods Shaving Soap, $7
3. Phunky Pheasant Bow Tie, $149*
4. Zara Soft Fabric Oxford Shoes, $70
5. Warby Parker Chamberlain Glasses, $95 (or better yet, a quite unique gift card)
6. Harry's Truman Set, $15 (also love it in the engraved version, $40)
7. The Mr Porter Paperback: The Manual For A Stylish Life, Volume One, $35
8. Trunk Club Gift Card, $100 to $5000 (choose the amount)

*From their FAQ: How does Brackish obtain their feathers?
No bird has been armed for their feathers. Brackish obtains all feathers as humanely as possible. When birds molt, they drop old feathers naturally in preparation for new feathers coming in for replacement. When possible, the feathers are obtained in this manner. In other instances, feathers are obtained through farmers who raise free range birds. The feathers are usually simply thrown away as a waste product, but Brackish sustainably reuses them.


1. DIY iPhone Case from Melissa Esplin
2. DIY Suspenders from A Beautiful Mess
3. DIY Rosemary and Mint Shaving Cream from Food For My Family
4. DIY Stamped Leather Tie Clip from Lovely Indeed
5. DIY Gold Leaf Cufflinks from Henry Happened
6. DIY Mustache Glass from No 2 Pencil
7. DIY Citrus Honey Scotch Ale Soap from Offbeat + Inspired
8. DIY Luggage Tag from Almost Makes Perfect

P.S.: Day 12 of 24 Merry Days is on Sugar & Cloth, and the prize is from one of my favorite shops! (open to US residents only)


  1. Some great ideas! thanks for sharing :-) x

  2. I just adore this lovely gift guide - anyone following this will have a very excited boy thanking them over the holiday season! xo


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