2013 Holiday Gift Guide - For Her: The Stylish Traveler (To Buy Or To DIY)

Happy Friday! Next up in the short Holiday gift guide series is the stylish traveler with, as always, both ideas of products to buy and gifts to DIY.

To buy:

1. Alpaca Travel Set, $288
2. J.Crew Colorblock Leather Luggage Tag, $30 (currently 30% off with code GIFTNOW)
3. Metallics Leather Jewelry Roll, $78
4. Cityslips Matte Gold Foldable Flats, $20 (currently 35% off, bringing it to $13!)
5. Travelogue Scratch Travel Journal, $28


1. DIY lingerie travel bag from Bee of Design
2. DIY faux leather make-up brush roll from Wag Doll
3. DIY passport holder from Always Rooney
4. DIY eye mask from The Red Kitchen
5. DIY weather resistant travel journal from Design Sponge
6. DIY mini stamp collecting book from Bloesem Kids (would also be great as a travel journal!)
7. DIY luggage tag from Oh No Rachio

Don't miss day 13 of 24 Merry Days! Head on over to 79 ideas to unveil the prize (open worldwide).

Have a delightful weekend!


  1. Great ideas! x

  2. Great picks! Love the scratch travel journal.
    the way to my Hart

  3. In love with everything here! Can't believe the price on those CitySlips! And I'm loving that scratch travel journal, too!

  4. mmmmmm so I need pretty much everything on this list :D J'adore, Clemence!


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