Three Things

Three things I'm loving today:

1. I came at the food blog Fork and Flower and spent almost 30 minutes perusing its inspiring and mouth-watering pages, and bookmarking some of the scrumptious-looking recipes. This roasted cauliflower and chickpea soup will be on the menu anytime soon!

2. For the Makers never disappoint. I'm loving their latest collection, especially the Trellis drop earrings.

3. Amen to that!


  1. Anonymous10/15/2013

    I thought those earrings were made using grapes!

  2. Oh, that soup, I wish it was in my hands and on my spoon right now!


  3. I tried that soup two days ago, and I can confirm: it's scrumptios! :)

  4. oh that lovely recipe :)
    perfect for fall days!

  5. Yes! Amen to that too! Lovely sentiment, a little like the beautiful balance that is to be found in your blog :)

  6. oh dear.... i just happened to find your link to my page. i've kind of got a crush on your blog, like, dating way back! and now i'm featured?! *happydance* thank you sooo much for the link love! <3

    keep up the inspiration. it's lovely.
    hugs from zurich
    scarlett of

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