DIY: 5 Pumpkin Based Beauty Recipes

If you're a last minute pumpkin carver, chances are you have some leftover pumpkin guts. And if you already carved your pumpkin weeks ago (go you!), maybe you have some leftovers from a delicious pumpkin soup?
Regardless, pumpkins have more uses than pies, soups and halloween decor. They are rich in various vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that make them perfect for beauty products. Try out these five simple, quick & easy recipes for smoother skin, softer lips, silkier hair and moisturized feet!

1. This DIY pumpkin face mask from Michelle Phan will leave your skin smooth and soft. I tried it (but used a dairy-free almond milk yogurt instead of the plain yogurt) and loved it.

2. Make a pumpkin-infused conditioner for silky, moisturized hair with this recipe from Seventeen. I can personally vouch for it. As for the face mask above, I replaced the yogurt with dairy-free almond milk yogurt- it worked wonders.

3. A DIY pumpkin pie lip scrub that leaves you with soft, kissable lips? Good thing it's edible- I'd be too tempted to lick it off.

4. Easy recipe for a DIY pumpkin pedicure on Beautylish.

5. I bet that this DIY pumpkin sugar scrub from Paula Parrish smells divine.

Photo credit: Philhillphotography,


  1. Great idea! Most of my pumpkins turn into pie, but I can't think of any other use for the leftovers other than beauty products :P

    jess | Quaintrelle

  2. My guess is pumpkins will be on sale tomorrow therefore I will be making some lip scrub :)

  3. Thanks for linking my lip scrub! Love the blog by the way, awesome work :)

  4. great recipe, thanks for that. with what vegetables can you still recommend great recipes?

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