Three Things

1. Some of these 10 secrets for extending the life of cut flowers (by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom) are rather obvious, some are lesser known- all are great to know.

2. Can you believe that this gorgeous DIY floral bike basket is made from dollar store basket and artificial flowers? So pretty.

3. I bet these blackberry and sage spritzers are as refreshing and delicious as they are pretty. Perfect for a summer soiree.

This is a scheduled post while I am traveling in Mongolia with no internet access. A guest post DIY project is coming up tomorrow!


  1. now i need to try those spritzers out at a bridal shower i'm throwing this weekend!

    so glad you liked the bike basket! xo.

  2. Anonymous7/15/2013

    I love that basket! It makes me want to add flowers to my bike basket! xx. McKenna Lou

  3. That bike basket is too cute! I love it, great find.

  4. Those spritzers look so good! Wish I could have one now!

  5. It is nice to see how simple things can make something that beautiful. GoodJob

  6. Anonymous7/18/2013

    Oh wow. Those spritzers look amazing! Great post... thanks for the links!

  7. Love these links and the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing!
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