Fav Fab Finds

Today I'm partnering up with Fab to share some of my current favorites, and had so much fun browsing through their collection of modern, colorful, carefully curated design products! There's always something perfect for everyone, gourmets and fashionistas, tech enthusiasts and keen home decorators, art lovers and furry friends… with the common denominator of being all beautifully designed, all unique and innovative, all at great prices, and all guaranteed to make you smile or swoon.

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Fav Fab Finds
1. This Grilled Peaches print is making me hungry, and the colors are simply delightful.
2. I love how these cups (in sunshine, butterfly and tea) add just the right pop of color while keeping minimalist, clean lines.
3. I may be obsessed with anything celestial-related, but how can you not love this constellation necklace? A pretty proof that simple jewelry can make a statement, too. This one is Leo, but other Zodiac signs are available as well.
4. This impeccable gold business card holder is made from genuine leather, and is just as pretty on the inside.
5. Can you hear this subtly sparkly top calling my name? I swear it wants to be mine!
6. I have tried these earphones before, thanks to a music lover friend, and they are honestly awesome. Plus, they are yellow, which is enough of a selling point to me!
7. Can you guess what these gummy bears are? Boozy Gummies! These champagne bears burst with the flavors of the finest bubbles. I don't really like the taste of alcohol, but I'm a sweet tooth- and I'd happily take a sip of anything that involves pretty gummy bears.
8. Gold text plus hand painted, colorful, cheerful flowers? Now that's a pretty way to say thanks.
9. This engraved brass ruler letter opener is a piece of art in itself. Gifts that are both elegant and useful are my favorites.

* This post is in partnership with Fab. Thanks so much for being supportive of the sponsors that help keep Oh The Lovely Things possible!


  1. Anonymous6/12/2013

    I love love love Rifle Paper Co and that letter opener is just gorgeous!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  2. Love the letter opener! ♥ I wish people would buy me more gifts like this.
    Great finds!


  3. I am in love with the combination of all these beautiful things!! Beyond gorgeous.

  4. I love those cups. So gorgeous.