Happy Friday! Mini DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! The weather is terrible here, so I'm afraid I will spend most of the weekend indoors. Practicing manual mode on my camera (finally!), cooking, defeating my inbox (hopefully), working on a DIY project to share here soon, spending time with my family, making jewelry and watching TV shows while sipping pu-ehr tea (my favorite guilty pleasure) are on the agenda. What about you? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Mini DIY Roundup of the week:

- DIY faceted concrete hooks by Homemade Modern (via Paper & Stitch)
- DIY ribbon twist ties by Fabric Paper Glue for Lynn and Lou
- DIY gem piƱatas by Lovely Indeed

Have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. This mini gem pinatas were definitely one of my favorite things in my reader this week! Those concrete hooks are pretty amazing. Thanks so much for including my twist ties!

  2. The concrete hooks are brilliant! Absolutely love them.

    And I hope your weekend ends up being relaxing and productive! Shooting on manual is definitely one of those things that gives you a huge sense of accomplishment when you get there but, for me at least, it took a while before everything just clicked. Hopefully it goes faster for you!

  3. the gem pinatas are too cute...


  4. Have a great weekend with a lot of time

  5. The second DIY is really helpful and neat! Really nice idea! <3


  6. Really smart (and adorable) ribbon twist idea!

  7. I love the concrete hooks, perfect for an interesting display. Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

  8. That faceted concrete hooks idea is so brilliant! Thank you for sharing!
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