Happy Friday! Mini DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! It's been a pretty sad week for the world, and I hope each and everyone of you is safe. I'm trying to stay positive, focus on the goodness of people, and believe in a possible peace.

With this in mind, I think we have to just keep going, enjoy being with our loved ones and try to have a beautiful weekend. I don't think that would be insensitive or wrong in any way.

I tried to choose calming, soothing colors for this week's mini DIY roundup, to encourage peace and tranquility, even if in a mundane way.

How to temporarily dye your hair from A Subtle Revelry (photography by Jesy Almaguer) // DIY rope tote bag from Style Me Pretty //  How to craft all-natural custom bath and massage oil blends at home by Ashley English for Design Sponge (photography by Jen Altman).

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. What lovely sentiments, keep up the good work!

  2. I have been wanting pink hair for the past year. I search online for wigs everywhere, but can never find anything in my style, the right color, at the right price. This makes me tempted to just take the plunge and dye my own hair pink once and for all.

  3. love the first pic! Very striking! And love the colour of the hair!


  4. If only I knew how to sew... :)

  5. You are as lovely as this post... the colors, the style, the ingredients... so sweet. Your blog is always such a kind perspective.

  6. Love these posts! And your blog is amazing! I really enjoyed the first link! <3


  7. I definitely want to try the temporary hair dye!


  8. Love that rope tote! :) Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas! :)
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