Link Love

I truly feel like this today- cloudy, cocooned. Not in a bad way- I have been sleepwalking all day, but in a soft and pleasant way. I'll just let this stunning photo by Alex Stoddard speak for itself!

Links I love this week:

- Top 3 cold weather detox foods
- XO temporary tattoos
- 3 simple, cheap and pretty flower arrangements
- I am awfully sweet
- Super easy DIY drawstring pouch
- Have you ever tried Little Black Bag? I'm curious what it's worth.
How to make a slick modern cat scratcher
- Yum
- DIY shea butter lotion


  1. That image is amazing and perfectly describes how I feel some days! Also, I've been wanting to try little black bag but haven't taken the plunge.. maybe soon but have wondered the same thing.

  2. That photo is stunning, exactly how I felt today when I wrote an exam at 7 am. I've also been meaning to try out Little Black Bag, I'm really curious but I'm so broke with student loans that it probably won't happen for a while.

  3. This photo is gorgeous! So dreamy! :)

  4. That salad looks delicious. But honestly, I would be awfully sweet too... I eat far more chocolate than I do salad!

  5. DIY shea butter lotion?! On my way.
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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