Link Love

I stumbled upon these adorable Vanilla Rose Water Cupcakes by SprinkleBakes for The Modcloth Blog and although they could have been a clich√© of girly glittery pinky things, they left me in a good, dreamy mood. I usually don't like the taste of rose water or rose petals (even though I absolutely love the smell), and yet I want a bite of these fairytalish cupcakes. Wouldn't they make a perfect Valentine's day dessert?

Other links I love this week:

- 20 DIYs with leather.
- A great infographic on digital marketing.
Dotted jeansStriped skirtDotted shirtStriped dress!
- Loving this free font (pay it with a tweet or Facebook post).
- Is it too early to think about Summer sandals?
- 4 great tutorials for photographing product.
How to apply the perfect winged eyeliner every time.


  1. This is so beautiful!! I don't think I could even eat it. It looks delicious though. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. gorgeous! Thanks for the great links, as always, Clemence

  3. They look like the perfect thing for a fairy tea party... which I happen to love!

  4. Anonymous1/11/2013

    You always have some of the most perfect links.

  5. Thanks for the link to my 20 DIYS. Checking out your other links now.

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