Free December Desktop Calendar and iPhone Wallpaper

They're a little late, but here they are: free December desktop calendars and iPhone wallpaper! Hope you'll enjoy them! Anyhow, are you excited for December? It's snowing here and I'm definitely in the mood for the "jolly season". I used to get a bit depressed during the holiday season, but this year I'm only feeling the excitement and joy. The same twinkling lights that hurt my eyes last year are making my heart sing this year- crazy how everything is relative. What about you? How does the holiday season make you feel?

iPhone (up to 4/4S)
iPhone 5

P.S.: It's day 4 of 24 Merry Days! Head on over to The Sweetest Occasion to discover today’s prize.


  1. love that iphone wallpaper - thanks!
    i absolutely love the holidays. but i was just over on my blog complaining about the fact that it's near 80 degrees here (i'm in texas), so it's been a little hard to get in to the season. glad you're in the spirit, though!

  2. Love your amazing and very inspiring blog, dear :)


  3. That's a lovely December desktop calender :)
    Thank you for sharing,
    Emma xx

  4. Anonymous12/04/2012

    It's kind of sad how much I am dependent on your artwork!!! I love your design style.

    Thank you!

    1. Me too! I had November up until just this second. I didn't even try to put anything else on there! :)

  5. Beautiful! I'm downloading this later for my laptop. Did you make this? If so, amazing job. :)

    xo, Adriana.