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I recently came at Love and Lemons and I don't know how I've made it so far in life without knowing this website. Alright, I might be exaggerating, but not by much.
The recipes there are mostly vegetarian. A good many are vegan and/or gluten free or can be easily adapted to be so, and they're mostly made with whole, unprocessed ingredients. Featured above are mini grilled cheese with mushrooms & pesto- don't they make you hungry?

Other links I loved this week:

- Simple tricks that make you look smarter.
- 16 delicious sweet potato recipes (via).
How to add embellishment to your tops while still being able to toss them in the wash.
USB flash drive cufflinks? Best gift for him ever.
- Lovely hand drawn cliparts and blog bling (+ an adorable $8 font!)


  1. Anonymous11/07/2012

    Bookmarking Love & Lemons right now. It looks fantastic! Love the simple tricks as well. :)

  2. I cant wait to check out this website. I agree with anything that has cheese and mushrooms together!


  3. How did you find the simple tricks one? I'm already doing a few (like taking a picture of something before I take it apart) but the one with rubbing a pencil on a stuck zipper might be pure genius or a terrible idea.

    1. I tried it (on a metal zipper). It worked great but 1. It took quite a while to push in between every teeth of the zipper and 2. It colored the zipper black. It's a great trick anyway :)

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    How did you write on this picture? Did you use photoshop to edit this picture?

    Thanks !!!

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