Art I Heart: Sarah Hankinson + What I've been up to

As Sarah Hankinson says herself, her illustrations are a delicate balance of light and dark, thick and thin and play off broken lines and bold splashes of colour. I'm in love with her 2013 calendar, that features 12 of her elegant and striking illustrations. I love the idea that at the end of the month, you can just cut off the calendar part and frame the illustration- so you get twelve stunning works of art for the price of a calendar!

On a completely unrelated subject, I wanted to apologize for the missed posts yesterday and last Friday. Things have been pretty hectic here lately. I just started a new job as a private teacher to a sick kid who can't go to school. I'm still writing my final thesis and I've also been busy getting ready for Holiday craft fairs. I'm not complaining- this is enriching and fulfilling. But I have always been terrible at time management, and sometimes I just feel overwhelmed so I miss a post or only do a tiny post that doesn't involve lots of work. I apologize for that. I'm trying to adjust, organize more efficiently, work smarter, and ultimately manage my time effectively. I know I'll never be an expert in time management and it will always be one of my weaknesses, but I'm already getting better and learning a few tricks along the way. I promise I'll soon be back on track and find more time to create DIY projects, freebies and share lovely things!


  1. They are stunning!

    Thank you for sharing :)
    Emma xx

  2. Beautiful calendar!

    We all get busy sometimes, it's ok. Time management is something I struggle with too... you should share some of the tricks you come across!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! I want this calendar so much. Thanks for posting this today, I have been looking for one for next year and now I can look no more. xx. McKenna Lou.

  4. Anonymous11/30/2012

    love this.. so pretty :)Irene Wibowo

  5. Good luck with your new teaching gig. I'm a teacher myself (although not for kids) and I know how much preparation goes into it.

    Worry not, we'll still be here when things calm down.

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