Lovely Sponsor : You Are Raven

When Raven Shutley of You Are Raven contacted me to sponsor Oh The Lovely Things, I thought I would have a quick glance at her site to make sure she would be a good fit - but that quick glance lasted about 20 minutes. The more I saw of her work, the more I wanted to see. I was captured by her talent and by the beauty of the photos of course, but most of all by her ability to capture emotions - real, candid, honest, natural emotions. That is so precious and rare.

In this post, Raven explained the basic philosophy behind her photography. I love everything she wrote there. She says that all the way from the shooting to the editing to the album design, everything is based on the personality of her clients. That people aren’t all the same, so she doesn’t treat them like they are. That she's all about capturing who you are as a person. Real, honest, and natural.

She's been a photographer for 7 years, and can shoot just about everything - weddings, portraits, boudoir, events, HS seniors, and more. With one constant : all her photos are full of life. Oh, and she's based just north of Atlanta, GA, but she loves traveling!

I couldn't recommend you more to have a look at her website. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Pssst : You get an automatic 15% discount on any service if you mention Oh The Lovely Things!

All photos by Raven Shutley of You Are Raven.


  1. WOw! They are full of life indeed! It's like the people who are photographed, live their day normally and a little invisible photographer catches the precious moments! :)

  2. Love it! Her photos are so natural and full of life, beautiful.

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