Color Palette : Warm Shades of Brown

Judging by the overwhelming number of warm earth toned lovely things that I've been bookmarking lately, I think I'm ready for Fall's arrival. I'm thinking of dyeing my hair in a warm dark brown (it's been ages since I last had my hair dyed!). I feel like I need personal, physical changes with every season change, even if it's just a small, superficial change - maybe I just want to melt into the background and transition just like nature. What about you? Are you ready to say goodbye to Summer?

Credit for the lovelies above :

- Christina of Hair Romance always has the best hair tutorials. This braided hairstyle with a twist is my current fave.

- People often forget that kindness is free - it's always great to have a reminder (spotted via Hansol Kim).

- Bad weather set me in the mood for a piece of banana bread. This one from Kitchen Heals Soul looks exquisite.

- Six frosting recipes are better than one!

- I've always loved the shape of scissors, so no wonder this pair of "scissors" ruler and bookmark went straight to my wishlist (spotted via Minna So).


  1. Anonymous9/04/2012


    ti invito a dare un'occhiata al mio blog ed alle mie creazioni e a dirmi cosa ne pensi! :)

  2. Anonymous9/04/2012


  3. So beautiful-- I'm absolutely giddy with anticipation for autumn!

  4. Anonymous9/04/2012

    Those are frostings? Those look delicious! And I've been waiting for fall to arrive for the last week or so. Though, this Indian summer is making me happy too!

  5. That's so funny I met Christina the other night at dinner! Another Sydney blogger :) Her hair is great in real life too ;P

  6. I love this color palette, especially for fall!

  7. So ready for the change! However we've got at least another month of summer here in Florida before boots will be acceptable. boo.

  8. I think I'm ready for fall too! Secretly fall is one of my favorite seasons. That morning you hop on your bike and noticing that the trees are turning all yellow, orange and red. Magical! I love that moment.

    Bring it on! :)

    Love, Sari

  9. Hello Doll! I am your newest member and just wanted to say Hi and also that I agree with you about my new obsession with warm tones and all things fall. I especially adored the "People often forget that kindness is free" because it is so tragically true!



  10. Glad to hear that we're all ready for fall!

    @amiechristo : Indian summer sounds amazing. We don't have that here but I can imagine the warm amber light.

    @Kitty : Oh, how funny! She looks like such a nice person.

    @Meaghan : I bet that when fall will finally arrive in Florida, I'll be nostalgic of summer already!

    @Sari : Ha, I can picture that moment.. can't wait!

    @Tyne : Thank you so much for your sweet words! I love that quote too. It's a great reminder to do good.

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