Luis Monteiro for Tatler

It's been a rough day. Nothing terrible, but I had a dreadful headache, power went off while I was working on tomorrow's blog post and I lost everything, and I've been quite unproductive, even though I've already fallen behind on my emails and work. Basically, today, I've been in a bad mood. 
So I stopped everything I was doing. I made myself a cup of tea, cuddled my cats, and stared at the photo above (by Luis Monteiro for Tatler UK) for a little while, trying to have positive thoughts. It really calmed me down and lifted my spirits. If you're having a bad day (I hope you're not!), this photo and its peaceful color palette may help you too. 

Psst : I posted a free printable earlier today!


  1. A good night of sleep and I'm sure you'll feel better :) hugs!

  2. it's really beautiful!

  3. "Rough" days are also important.
    Makes us cherish the good ones even more. More people should do what you did today and sit down, have a cuppa, have some furry friends to cuddle up to and suddenly the rough day isn't that rough anymore. The picture is really stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sorry you had a rough day :(. Hope you're feeling better. I could stare at this pic for a long while. So pretty.