Art I Heart Thursday : Irana Douer + The New Thumbtack Press


Thumbtack Press is an online art community where wonderful, original, difference-making art can be displayed, discussed, bought and sold. It's both a place where you can discover amazing art, and where artists can thrive and be promoted. Thumtack Press has the firm belief that art should be accessible to everyone, so they keep their prices affordable, starting at $19.99. Art is available in many sizes and on many papers too, and new artists are being added constantly. One of my favorite features is the "view it in a room" -you can even upload a photo of a room in your home and virtually hang your print on your walls! If you love art, then Thumtack Press is definitely a website to check out.

On an unrelated note, have you heard of SOPA and PIPA? Millions of Internet users are standing against SOPA and PIPA, expressing their serious concerns because these bills would censor the Internet. This well made, short, easy to understand video is a great way to learn more about these bills. Please take a moment to read up about SOPA and PIPA and take action here.


  1. That is a lovely piece of art. The makeup would be awesome for a party of some sort haha.

  2. How beautiful is that? amazing!