New Year's Eve Aperitif : Pairing Cheese and Wine

If you're planning to throw a Wine&Cheese party for New Year's Eve, or if you just want to serve wine and cheese as an aperitif, be sure to check out Claire Thomas' lovely videos and food blog. I have a huge headache today, but I'll be back tomorrow with DIY projects and glitter fun!


  1. Anonymous12/29/2011

    love pairing cheese and wine.. could live on them both! cheers to a happy new year!

    Lee Anne

  2. these videos make culinary look so fun! x

  3. Anonymous1/01/2012

    These videos are absolutely perfection. When I get back home I'm definitely putting together something like this.

  4. amazing recipes and thank you for share withs us like this videos

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  6. I should try this with wine!


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