2012 Holiday Gift Guide No.5 : Gifts for Him

Kenton Sorenson Natural Leather Dopp Kit, $170 // Travelteq Leather Cardholder, $92 // Treasure Wheels, $45 // Alpine Notes Moleskine Notebook, $8 // Leather Handmade Football, $105 // Clae McQueen Chukka Sneaker, $100 // FIG+YARROW Aftershave, $32

Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was busy crafting, but I love crafty weekends! Do you already have all your holiday presents? I'm still missing a few. If you need ideas for the men in your life, you might enjoy No.5 of the Holiday Gift Guide. You can also find all the previous numbers of the gift guide by clicking here.
Oh, and the winner of Damsel of Dainty Giveaway is Tiffany (#261) Congrats Tiffany, and thanks so much to all who entered, I wish I could have a prize for each of you! And thank you so much Inge for providing such a lovely giveaway :)


  1. Anonymous11/28/2011

    These are some great ideas I like the card holder I might have to look into that for a second present. I just gave my husband his present early so he could try it out. I gave him the Sling Adapter which hooks up to my employee account through DISH Network. I got the Sling Adapter for free with a rebate and it gives him access to all our subscription channels on any IOS device or Android phone. He just loved it when he tried it out for the first time. He watched the football game yesterday live on his phone when we were at a family gathering. It was the perfect gift and it was free through my provider.

  2. Treasure wheels?! Brilliant! Thanks for the fun suggestions.

    1. Asma994/19/2016

      You have good collection of gifts for Holidays. I have seen so many husband including me who become very very confused in the selection of gifts for their wife. You mentioned some names of gifts which are good for me and i want some more ideas regarding women gifts. gift basket Hong Kong

  3. Anonymous11/28/2011

    Absolutely lovely!

  4. i like that card holder. great pics :)

  5. Great gift ideas, I never know what to get for my man.

  6. Great gift guide! Love the sneakers :) I have yet to buy all of my presents - I never get my shopping done early!

  7. Lovely finds. Leather stuff is always so trendy and manly...