Color Palette : Lavender + Blush + Hues of Pink

I'm usually really not into pastel pinks and purples color schemes, so I have absolutely no idea why I'm loving this color palette... But I do! The first photo is a fantastic step by step photo tutorial on how to make a paint swatch chandelier, from Hey Gorgeous, via The Sweetest Occasion. Super lovely, don't you think? I can really picture this in a nursery or as a wedding decor.

P.S. : The winner of April241 giveaway is Lyudmila (#125). Congrats Lyudmila, and thank you so much to all who entered!


  1. I'm not usually that big on the pink palette either, but these look awesome! I love the idea of using paint chips as home decor--
    In this martha stewart magazine issue, they used paint chips to create eye catching wall art. I'll have to try something like this soon!

  2. That bag is so cool! I love all the pinks, which is saying something as I'm not really a pink person.

  3. Thank you for giveaway! I got massage

  4. Love the paint chip chandelier -- and all things purple.

  5. Cute idea. Also love the pink and silver fingernails, what colors are those? :D