Spotlight : Cali Rezo

Cali Rezo is an amazingly talented and ultra creative French artist and free-lance graphist. Her work is eclectic and explores several styles, but concentrates on human (and especially women) faces and bodies.
Her paintings are all at once poetic, touching, mysterious, haunting, moving and graphically amazing. I love how she captures the light, the movements of the body, and how she seizes emotions and sensations.

She makes her pictures using Photoshop and a graphic tablet, using photographs (which she takes herself, as she thinks it's part of the artistic process) as references. She doesn't draw on the photo itself, and her pictures are not retouched photographs - they're like traditional paintings, using traditional methods, only applied to contemporary tools.
She starts with a sketch with her electronic pen, then paints the light and dark flat tints, and tunes the color tints and the details of the strokes.

More making-of videos here

There is a lot more to admire on her website (both in English and in French), on her blog (in French), and in her shop.  Enjoy browsing through more of her amazing work - I got lost there for a while and it's definitely worth it!


  1. merci de cet aimable billet (:

  2. I absolutely love her art. Especially the child sleeping

  3. wow....adore the baby sleeping...

  4. wow- her work is amazing. very beautiful.