Geraldine's Bowls + Last Sunday

Image from TheMirthMobile

I'm in love with this bowl by Geraldine de Beco for Bernardaud (via artefactotum). When you fill it with liquid, the outline of a cat magically appears. I really love it, but it's $350, so I'll just stick with my not-so-fancy bowls!

On Sunday, my friend Lucia had organized a surprise day, and it was definitely surprising! We drove to Châtel, in France. We headed up the mountain and once we were on top, we tried the fantasticable! It is basically a zip line that takes you from mountain top to mountain top. We were 1828 meters (1.1 miles) high and we were "flying" at 100km/h (62 miles per hour)! At first sight I was so scared that I almost decided not to do it. But I finally did it, and it was magical. Then we had a nice picnic in the forest, and in the afternoon we made a few trips down the alpine slide and a small walk in the village, where I took a few photos of flowers. It was a beautiful, fun filled day. If you ever spend a few days in this part of France, it's really worth a visit!


  1. That cat bowl is so neat! I'm brainstorming how I can make one myself with a pottery wheel hmmm....

    I love your blog, so pretty!


  2. The cat bowl is wow! Thanks for sharing! Off to check the shop!


  3. what a super cool bowl!!!!!! Ingenious idea and how great is it that it's a cat??

  4. I ADORE that bowl...but $350 is a deal breaker...$12 at Pier 1?? I would totally buy it :)

  5. Anonymous8/18/2011

    This bowl is just too cool. It is absolutely feeding my kitty obsession right now.

  6. Anonymous8/19/2011

    super cute! and i just love your blog! so glad i found it :)

  7. Wow,
    it is a wonderfull cat bowl.
    I love your blog

  8. WOW, cat cup, it's beautiful, but expensive...