Random things I love today

Today I'm loving :

This outfit by megggers3 (looks so comfy!) 

{Olivia Schafer is a wonderful artist, be sure to check out her website to learn more about her art.}


  1. Those teacups are BEYOND adorable! I am in love with all of these finds. Thanks for sharing. :) Sea Marie

  2. Oh goodness! All of these are lovely! That outfit looks like something I'd definitely sport. The cups are too cute! The paper quotes makes my heart skip a beat and that braided hair tutorial is making me miss my long locks! <3

  3. love these! looking at olivia's paintings they're amazing!


  4. Jlester7/31/2011

    I did the undo yesterday for a party and got lots of compliments. Best of all it only took me about 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. Woah... I'm lovin' that teacups. Haha.. They're super cute!

  6. Really cute outfit, I got a pair of
    Toms for Christmas but I have held off wearing them for fear of the elements (they are bright white). Love the jeans too. P.s The sugarcubes are amazing