If I had a little more time

I wish I had more time to craft, cook, and be creative!
If I had an immense amount of time this week, I would start by making a woven chain bracelet, a miniature flower garland, and strawberry peach coconut popsicles.

I'm seeing everywhere these chain link bracelets with colorful threads woven through them, and I love them! It seems so easy to make them with this tutorial from HonestlyWTF. And don't these popsicles look yummy? A "tasty little lick of summer frozen on a stick", wrote the author of the recipe :) So I would make both of them and then, with my new bracelet on my wrist and fully refreshed by the popsicles, I would sew a little flower garland (tutorial here) and hang it in my room for a pretty and cheerful addition to it!

What about you? What would you make/create/craft/bake/cook if you had more time?