Zoé De Las Cases

Zoé de Las Cases is a fabulous French illustrator and product designer. She combines vintage photos with colorful drawing and children’s handwriting, and I love how her products have a nostalgic feel to them, and yet are happy, colorful and fun.

Posters, $7.15

You can find an adorable collection of bags, cushions, paper dolls, cardboard boxes, prints, notebooks, household products, magnets, stamps, and more, in her shop.

Bunch of kids, cardboard children, $45.76
 Box "My Daddy", $12.51
 Stamping Devices, $31.46

I'm also loving this video by Zoé De Las Casas :

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Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!


  1. I am fan of such composition myself. I like vintage art and any of the Zoé de Las Cases works can fit your room design irrespective if it is classical or modern. I would
    do my assignment myself, nothing difficult.