Tutorial - DIY Pop-Up Place Mat

I came across beautiful pop-up place mats at Publique Shop. They are very pretty and fun, and come in a variety of themes, at $26 for a pack of 10. 

The price for shipping these lovely place mats to Switzerland (where I live) is really high, so I thought I could try and make a *very simplified* one myself.



1. Cut a 17" x 14.2" piece of cardboard (45cm x 36cm)
2. Draw a 17" x 13" rectangle (45cm x 33cm). Since you already have a 17"x14.2" rectangle, you only need to draw the top line.
3. Draw the bird and tree design, or any other design you may want.
4. Cut the design, without cutting the base.

It turned out like this :

Have you noticed that part of the design (the set of three leaves) is gone? That is because my cat thought it would be funny to play with it! It was all bent and creased so I just cut it off.
Here is the one to blame, sleeping on the placemat template.

Anyway, it's definitely not as pretty as the laser-cut ones from Publique Shop, but it took me 20 minutes to make 6 and my guests were very enthusiastic about it!

I hope you liked this DIY! Please let me know if you need help or if something is unclear. If you try it, I would love to know how it went! 

Have a lovely day!


  1. Genius! I LOVE this idea.

  2. What a great idea!!

  3. How very clever. I love that idea.

    New follower from the EBT - hi!

  4. That is super cute!

  5. So cute! I've got to make on of these!!

  6. I found this on One Pretty Thing and just fell in love like, well, KABOOM! It is such a simple, yet stunning thing, not just as a place mat. Thank you so much for nut just sharing the idea, but also the template, how generous!
    It'll go straight to my pinterest, as something that needs to be shared with as many peeps as possible.
    By the way, your kitty is beautiful, and your photography skills pretty much rock my socks off. You got yourself a new follower, so glad I found you!
    (did I mention that I prefer your simplified template over the elaborate ones?)

  7. You are the sweetest lisbonlioness! Thank you so, so much for your comment - your kind words made my day (and I'm sure they made my cat's day too!)

  8. Nice tutes! I'm your new follower from Italy

  9. Very pretty, very clever! :)

  10. Simple, yet so pretty! I'm working on some placemats right now.