Spotlight : YannPendaries

Hi there, I hope you had a lovely weekend! We had a delightful spring weather here, so I enjoyed a little outdoor!

Today I'd like to share with you the dreamy photography of YannPendaries. I only discovered his work a few weeks ago, but I love it deeply. YannPendaries is a Paris based professional photographer. His photos have such a warm, enchanting, nostalgic, romantic and peaceful feel, with a soft hazy light and a vintage touch to them.

On his blog, he takes a fictional 80 days travel around Europe in a hot air balloon, following the winds and sharing his pictures of the beautiful Europe. I think it is a wonderful way of showcasing his photography! Don't you love hot air balloons?

In addition to being stunningly beautiful, his art is really affordable, with 5"x7" prints being only $16.70. 

Be sure to check out his Etsy shop to find more of his dreamy photography! 
You can also find YannPendaries here : 
- Blog

I hope you love his work as much as I do and wish you all a lovely day!

*Please note : the "spotlight" posts are not sponsored. I only feature shops and artists that I love and that I think are worth sharing with you. I don't get paid by the artists I feature.


  1. oh it's so wonderful to share my journey through your beautiful blog
    merci beaucoup ;o)

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe no one has commented on this yet! these are gorgeous!

  3. This is really cool! Day 39 is my fave.