Spotlight : TheAngryWeather

Iveth Morales is the mind, heart and hands behind The Angry Weather, where she sells her  amazingly beautiful handmade jewelry.
I love how she describes her process : "When I design/make a piece of jewelry, my hope is that the person who uses it will enjoy wearing it, touching it and will cherish it for a long time. Making jewellery is my passion and every one of my pieces is made/designed with all my heart."

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop to find more of her handmade sterling silver jewelry, and get the chance to wear  a piece of jewelry that has been made with lots of love by the sweetest seller.

Iveth Morales is also known as Mademoiselle Cranky Pants, the name of her blog, where she shares some of the things she likes and that inspire her, her thoughts, ideas, creations, her family life, and other lovely things. She really has an eye for finding the most gorgeous things!

Find Iveth here :
- Blog


  1. Clemence, you are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much for making such lovely blog post about my jewelry and blog!! I'm so honored to be here :D

    Your blog is so beautiful, I love it!!!It truly reflects your style and personality :D

    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Ohh this is lovely!! congrats Iveth :D

  3. Your blog is so pretty!

    Iveth's work is beautiful!

  4. So lovely! Really wonderful write up :D

  5. Anonymous4/04/2011

    Oh wow those are pretty things :)

  6. What a wonderful feature! Off to follow some links...

  7. I love Iveth and I love her creations! Wonderful!

  8. Beautiful post Clemence !!!
    Congrats Iveth :D

  9. Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm so glad you like the post :)