Etsy Finds - A soft blue, tan and white color palette

I'm so sorry there has been no post yesterday and the day before yesterday! I'm having a super busy week but I have the day off tomorrow and will be back with a lot of lovely things!

In the meantime, a few Etsy finds in a color palette I love : soft blue, tan and white.

1. Materia Prima D1 necklace here - $40.50
2. The blue teacup forest print here - $25
3. Studs blue kiss earrings here - $15
4. Feather cup here - $26

Butterfly necklace here - $22

Have a lovely day!


  1. Beautiful finds! I love muted color pallet. The blue studs are charming.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I really love muted colors as well :)


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