Three Things

It's been a tiring day today, and while waiting for my turn at the hospital, I was looking forward to the moment where I'll just put on some yoga pants, sit down with my cat on my lap, and peruse Pinterest. Add a cup of hot tea to the mix, and that's perfect way to end a drizzly, cold, long day!
Anyhow, I thought I'd share my three favorite finds... just in case you're in need of some little, simple, pretty things to end your day, too.

1. Chai tea bread sounds heavenly (from Sugar Plum Musings, found via this pin).

2. Fall seasonal flower guide- because there's no autumnal gloomy day that can't be brightened up by a bunch of fresh flowers (from Green Wedding Shoes, found via this pin).

3. This photo of Mara Kerr by Chris Lambeth is absolutely stunning. It's part of a roundup of 50 fall haircuts to copy on Daily Makeover (found via this pin).

P.S.: If you're curious to see what else I'm currently pinning, you can find me right here ;)


  1. Definitely gonna have to give that chai bread recipe a go - chai tea is my go to cold weather drink and that recipe sounds delicious (and simple)!! =)

  2. mmm that bread looks so tasty! eating a slice of it while drinking a cup of chai might blow my mind.

  3. Fall flowers sound perfect for a gloomy day. The burgundy moonlight carnations. *gasp*

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons Disease.

  5. Anonymous10/18/2014

    Hello! I've just found your lovely blog (I know, where I have I been? Who knows!). Just wanted to send a warm virtual hug and say that I hope your surgery all works out well. Hugs.
    Lorna xx

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