Friday DIY Roundup + Another Health Update

Happy Friday!

My surgery has been scheduled for the end of this month. I'm still a little bit scared but the doctors have been absolutely wonderful so I'm feeling way less stressed about it. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I've been warned that there's a chance that the surgery won't stop the leak, in which case I will undergo another surgery. But one thing at a time and let's hope for the best!

Of course, I couldn't head off for the weekend without sharing my favorite DIY projects of the week.

1. DIY jeweled headphones from A Pair & A Spare
2. DIY lip-plumping Cinnamon lip balm + scrub from Hello Natural
3. DIY crocheted cushion (with free pattern) from Joann
4. DIY cake dome & cloche jars from A Beautiful Mess
5. DIY iPad vinyl and marbled paper clutch from For the Makers

Have a beautiful, fun filled weekend!


  1. Anonymous10/10/2014

    Oh great diy projects! xo

  2. that ipad clutch is awesome

  3. Love the cinnamon balm :-)

  4. Anonymous10/15/2014

    Good luck with the upcoming events and God Bless!


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