Sseko Sandals

See the bottom of this post for a fun giveaway!

I'm thrilled and honored to be part of Sseko's summer campaign to help bring awareness to their amazing brand and to how wearing a pair of gorgeous sandals can empower women in Uganda. Sseko products are handmade by talented young women in Uganda, earning money that will go directly toward their University education. These women will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers, pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty.

Last year's Bangladesh clothing factory tragedy raised the issue of the high human cost of consumerism. I love a nice wardrobe as much as the next girl, but what if consumerism had a positive impact on the world, in addition to bringing a lovely new piece to your closet? What if shopping for a cute pair of sandals could be used as a force and opportunity for positive social change? Sseko believes that every dollar you spend is a vote for the way you think the world should work.

I chose the T-strap sandals with the mojave accent. The accents attach to sandals with a clasp, so they can easily be swapped to match any outfit- you can have six different pairs of sandals in one! Plus, they are impossibly comfortable. I'm wearing them as I'm typing this and I never want to take them off.

I'm learning to accept my body (work in progress) but at this point I don't feel comfortable taking a full body picture of myself. But I still wanted to show you how I styled my sandals! I went for a simple and comfy summery look. A sleeveless linen flare dress with a bow belt, gold jewelry to compliment the gold accents of the sandals, and my absolute favorite nail polish, Essie peach daiquiri. No bag, just my phone wallet (it's from here).  Easy to wear, perfect for hot days!

Want a pair too? Head on over to Sseko- they have tons of designs to choose from and they ship everywhere in the world.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Sseko sandals and couldn't be happier with them. They look good, feel good, and do good. All opinions expressed are my own.

P.S.: Head on over to Instagram for your chance to win a gorgeous brass bangle while supporting ugandan women!


  1. Wunderful! I really want to have these shoes!!

  2. The shoes are cute but I actually really love that dress!

  3. Love their company philosophy, and these sandals are SO gorgeous! Thanks for the introduction!

  4. Sandals are really nice, but i lost my mind with those bangles!!!! ♡♡

    Xoxo from buenos aires

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