Friday DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week.
Blogging has been a bit scattered here, and will be next week as well. I'm still working on a lot of projects behind the scenes that are eating up my time. But I'm planning to work on a fun (and easy) DIY project over the weekend, to share with you soon (unless it ends up in an epic fail, but let's hope it won't).

As always, I couldn't take off for the weekend without sharing the traditional Friday DIY roundup (links below).

1. DIY wooden bead trivet from Carnets Parisiens (in French- here is a Google translated version)
2. DIY marble gem stone pendant from Fall For DIY
3. How to make a rooftop cutting board from Apartment Therapy
4. DIY natural scrub from Cocorrina
5. How to carve stamps to create your own prints from Emmadime

 Have a gorgeous weekend!

P.S.: If you love DIY, maybe you'll enjoy the video I did a little while ago that shows three projects for a DIY tea party (including a floral crown)!