Out And About with Loctite

I partnered up with Loctite UK for the launch of the Loctite Repair Network. They sent me lots of glue and since then, I never leave home without a tube in my handbag. Things have a knack of breaking at the most annoying time, don't they?

If you have ever broken your sunglasses on a sunny day, if your handbag strap has ever broken while you were running errands, or if one of your heel tips has ever broken in the middle of the street, you know how a simple, common mishap can ruin the day. These have all happened to me, so please tell me that I'm not the most unlucky girl in the world ;-)

My first video is dedicated to these unfortunate hitches and shows how quick and simple it is to repair the arm of sunglasses, the strap of a handbag, or the heel tip of a shoe when you use the right product.

And if you're more of the creative kind than the "fixing" type, I hope you'll enjoy my second video (coming soon). Not to spill the beans, but it will be full of DIY projects!

This post is sponsored by Loctite. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. This is actually a really good idea of something to carry around at all times. If not in a purse, would go well (a smaller version) in one of those minimergency kits.

  2. There are so many times I needed one of these in my purse. Great idea.

  3. My work has bottles of this stuff, so I used it to fix my watch strap! Worked like a charm.

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