Free December 2013 Desktop Calendar and iPhone Wallpaper

I can't believe it's already December! Which means that 1. It's time to kick off the holiday preparation festivities and 2. December's desktop calendars and iPhone wallpapers are late, but here!

I pulled my hair out trying to figure out how the new parallax effect affects wallpapers' sizes- I hope this works. If any happy owner of an iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C with the parallax effect turned on would be willing to test out this wallpaper for me and let me know if it's fine (or blurry and off-center), I'd be forever grateful.

Download links:

- Desktop wallpapers (many sizes available)*.
- iPhone 4 and 4S - no parallax / iPhone 4S - parallax
- iPhone 5, 5C, 5S : no parallax / parallax (not sure it works, see disclaimer above and if you try it out, pretty please let me know how it goes!)

*If you're unfamiliar with Flickr, follow these steps: 
- Hover on the images to see the sizes. When you have found the perfect size for your desktop, click on the image. This will open the image on its own page. 
- Click on the three dots icon (on the bottom right), then click the '"View all Sizes" link inside the menu. 
- This will take you to a new page where you will see all the sizes available. Click on "original" (on the top right). Then click on the "Download the Original size of this photo" link. 
If you have any trouble, let me know!

Clipart Credits:

- Gift and left ornament by RusticGarden
- Black washi tape and "Be Merry" by SisterPixel


  1. Oh Clemence, I'm so happy to see my clipart on your wallpapers! Thank you!! And thank you from my ipad too!)) Your instructions how to download them from Flickr was very helpful!!
    P.s. I'm in love with your blog!!

    1. My pleasure Masha! I love your work!

  2. How lovely! I love the golden tones, so festive! And unlike recent times, I've actually installed the wallpaper at the beginning of the month. Thanks so much Clemence :)
    Hope you are well x

  3. lovely calendar!! any chance you could also share where you got the background??

    1. Thank you! I made the background in Photoshop. I simply used the "paint bucket tool" in a beige color, then applied a watercolor texture on a new layer and reduced the opacity of that new layer to 30%.

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