Happy Friday! Thanksgiving DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week. 

I'm not American, and therefore don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But it's a holiday that I've always found wonderful- gathering around a warm meal in gratitude and thankfulness can only be good. I don't eat turkey, but I may bake a pumpkin pie to be in spirit! 

So here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving DIY projects. Most of them are quick and easy, and thus perfect for last-minute doers.

1. Rosemary seasalt favors from Best Day Ever
2. Rosemary wreath place cards from Spoon Fork Bacon
3. Mini pie place cards from The Merrythought

4. Thanksgiving wine bottle printables from Sarah Hearts
5. Printable pie box (perfect for leftovers!) from A Subtle Revelry
6. Washi tape feather place cards from A Fabulous Fete
7. Falling Leaves Garland from 6th Street Design School

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. i am currently living in japan (transplant from alaska) and my flat has no stove but after these fotos all i can drool about is those mini pumpkin pies. i wonder what the international shipping would be for one from the states. lovely roundup, lovely blog!


  2. I never tire of new ideas for using washi tape. I so wish I had it as a kid.

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  6. Those ideas are so lovely! Love that pumpkin pies!
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