Three Things

Three Things I'm loving today:

1. Stephanie from Henry Happened always has amazing beauty recipes, and this pumpkin spice lip gloss does no exception. (By the way, if you love to make your own beauty products, you may enjoy yesterday's post.)

2. I've never had a whoopie pie, and by looking at these pumpkin whoopie pies (two ways), I think it's about time I try one. Plus, the recipe comes with gorgeous free printables.

3. Pumpkin pie pop corn? Yes please! It's just one of the 33 pop corn seasonings available at Dell Cove Spice Co. Perfect stocking stuffer for foodies!

Have a happy spooky Halloween!


  1. Oh wow, a treasure trove of spices! Thanks for the tip and can't wait to order try some of the popcorn flavors. Thank you so much for helping me indulge my absolute favorite snack :)

    1. Haha, my pleasure! Popcorn is the best.

  2. Pumpkin pie popcorn? Yes please, indeed!