Happy Friday! Weekend DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! I apologize for the very sparse blogging this week. My computer abandoned me at the beginning of the week. It suddenly stopped working. After countless hours and (almost) losing my temper more than once, I finally managed to bring it back to life. Phew! Just in time for this week's DIY roundup (links below). I also took advantage of my computer misadventures to work on a few DIY projects of my own. First one will be on the blog at the beginning of next week!

1. DIY key chain from My Life Box
2. DIY copper bangles from Monster Circus
3. DIY paper plates lampshade from Creadoo (in German with translator)
4. DIY removable fur lined high tops from See Kate Sew
5. DIY concrete diamond from A Merry Mishap
6. DIY turban headband from Twitch Vintage

Have a delightful weekend! xo, Clemence