Happy Friday! Mini DIY Roundup

Happy Friday! This is a scheduled post while I am traveling in Mongolia with no internet access. I hope you enjoyed the guest posts as much as I do: a DIY perfume balm by Cybelea thyme lemonade by Emily and a guide to refining your wardrobe in 5 essential steps by Anuschka. If you missed them, be sure to check them out- they're quite an eyeful!

Mini DIY roundup of the week:

- DIY drawstring beach bag by A Field Journal
- DIY "Wake-Up Bar" soap by Offbeat + Inspired
- DIY iPhone case by Oh No Rachio
- DIY leather wrap bracelet by Lebenslustiger
- DIY shorts (with free pattern) by Elle Frost

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!


  1. I love Elle's shorts !

  2. I love the soap! I've always wanted to try making my own soap, but never really knew how.

  3. What a lovely combinations of DIYs to try! Lovely.

  4. I can't believe these are DIY's! All so good!

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