10 Recipes with Lavender

A little while ago, I ordered a peach and lavender drink at a café. I had never tried lavender, I was curious what it would taste like, and at the same time afraid that it would be too sweet, too syrupy, somewhat cloying...that it would taste like soap. Well, imho, it doesn't. It's actually quite peppery, kind of piney, and also has a kind of rosemary flavor... It's hard to describe. But I think it's worth a try!
So I went on a little search for recipes using lavender and thought I'd share the result- 10 delicious looking recipes!

1. Raspberry Lavender Lemonade from Delia Creates
2. Roasted Peaches and Lavender Ice Cream from Tartelette
3. Lavender Lollipops from Technicolor Kitchen

4. Honey Lavender Popsicles from Joylicious
5. Lavender Creme Brulee from Jayme Franklin
6. Lavender Lemonade from Sophistimom
7. Lemon Filled Lavender Cupcakes from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

8. Lavender and Honey Raw "Cheese" Cake from Roost
9. Lavender, Goat Cheese, Agave Panini with Vanilla Salt from Tea Cup Tea
10. Apple Coconut Crumble w/ Thyme & Lavender from Inspiring the Everyday

P.S.: This is a scheduled post while I am traveling in Mongolia with no internet access. There will be no post tomorrow but come back on Friday for the weekly DIY roundup!


  1. omg these look delicious!! I've been obsessed with lavender lately and im trying to grow my own too... i think i might have to try one... or all of these !! haha

  2. Everything here just looks so incredibly gorgeous! I love it!

  3. thank you so much for sharing! You have summed up my search in one blog post! Cannot wait to make all of the above :o)

  4. Great roundup! That creme brulee is especially catching my eye, but they all look delicious!

  5. That lavender creme brulee looks so gorgeous!! I love lavender. I really want to start experimenting with it a bit more. xx. McKenna Lou

  6. My roommate is obsessed with lavender right now so I'll have to forward her this post so she can check it out (and hopefully make me some goodies hehe)

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  7. Wow, yum. I tried lavender honey for the first time a little while back and, I'll tell ya, it was pretty lovely.

  8. Love the lollipop idea. I've never made lollipops before.

  9. Anonymous8/01/2013

    Enjoy lavender coffee recently. Just put some lavender with ground coffee into Italian coffee maker,then you will get the lavender espresso.

  10. Lavender makes everything look so magical and serene. I have yet to try any food with it...I just might have to now!

    xx Erin

  11. I'd never tasted Lavender before. But really I wanna try to make one of those recipes, Roasted Peaches and Lavender Ice Cream :) That's should be a delicious ice cream/