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I'm dumbfounded by these amazing DIY embroidered sunglasses from HonestlyWTF. I'm not sure that this is something I would personally wear, but they are so unique and creative! The design, color, and pattern possibilities are endless, so I'd probably try something smaller (and possibly less distracting to see out of), but I think the idea is very clever.

Other links I love this week:

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  1. Great links! I read about baking soda/vinegar as an alternative to shampoo, and since I'm on the route to a simpler and more eco-friendly life, I'm definitely going to try it out!

  2. This is such an amazing idea! I love it!

  3. Me parece una idea genial.

  4. Very cool and looks like fun!

  5. Very cool and looks like fun!

  6. Anonymous4/25/2013

    oh my god, the glasses are sooo cool !

  7. I love the DIY! I agree, I wouldn't personally wear this but it's very clever I think if I'd do it with maybe a black thread then I'd wear them! <3

  8. These are so cleaver, not quite my style but lots of my girlfriends would definitely rock them!

  9. Loving these glasses :)


  10. Anonymous4/28/2013

    What an amazing idea! I love cross stitching but got pretty board at hoops. Will definitely have to try something more like this.

    xx Lorelai
    Seams Unbiased

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