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Pavlova Hearts

As I've said a few times already, I'm a terrible cook. But since I began, a few months ago, to cook more often and experiment more recipes, I'm starting to get better. I obviously still have a long road to go, but I'm having more fun in the kitchen and far better results (most of the time). I think I have Pinterest and food blogs to thank for that- seeing all these pretty, tasty looking photos on a daily basis makes me want to go from pin to plate. The pavlovas above from Sunday Supper, found via Carolina (one of my very favorite pinners), make no exception. Pavlovas may not be the healthiest desserts (...), but Valentine's day is only once a year, right?

More links I love this week:

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  1. -drewls- i love pavlovas. haven't had them since i moved away from australia. i miss them a looooot. these look amazing. thanks for sharing.

    ps: zucchini chips? O_O that sounds... interesting.

    love, x
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    1. I can personally vouch for the zucchini chips. They taste great!

  2. I LOVE pavlova! Except I live in Northern New York...where there is no pavlova. Maybe it's time to finally mater making a meringue...

  3. Those pavlovas look beautiful!

  4. I think those shoes go perfectly with that quote print. Magical, indeed.

  5. this looks amazing!!!! yum yum

  6. Healthy and desserts rarely go least not in my world :) Looks delish! Audrey - This Little Street