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Cranberry Curd

I've been obsessed with this amazing looking cranberry curd from Cooking Melangery ever since I spotted it on Pinterest. I used to hate cranberries due to their sourness, but as my taste evolved, I've come to appreciate them for their fresh and sharp flavor (as well as for their vitamin C content!).  Now I just want to go through my computer screen and have a spoon of this curd! The colors and textures couldn't be more appealing, could they?

Other links I loved this week:

- One of each, please (and thank you).
- Product + blog photography: low light? No light? No problem!
- Adorable DIY party hats.
- Moomin is the cutest.
- Perfect new year's eve dress. Also love this one in a simpler, chic style.
- 26 quick low-calorie dinner recipes.
- How classy would be your stationery with this and this?
- Off to buy the supplies I need to make this!

P.S.: It's day 5 of 24 Merry Days! Head on over to That’s Happy to unveil the prize.


  1. Oh Clemence,
    such a lovely lovely photo.

    Looks so great!

  2. MMM that looks good! I might have to try that one soon... :)

  3. Oh wow, that looks so good!

  4. I pretty much love EVERYTHING cranberry! this is looks suuuuuper good.

  5. Anonymous12/06/2012

    Cranberry is one of my favourite fruits! Love it so much. And I love that Anthology dress you linked to, as well as the product photography post and the stationary stuff. Tons of wonderful things here, as usual!