Happy Friday! Mini DIY Round-Up

Happy Friday! Hope this week treated you well. Any fun plans for the weekend? Are you in a Holiday rush, needing to do a thousand things before the festivities? I have only two gifts ready, so I need to go shopping... I do most of my shopping online and haven't been in a mall for a while; wish me luck to survive the crowd, noise and neon lights! But I'm actually excited- no better shopping than shopping gifts for people you love.

It's been a week since the 24 Merry Days project started, and you can still enter the giveaways! Find the full list here. Yesterday's was on the fabulous This Little Street and today's is on Hank and Hunt- hop on over there to unveil the prize.

Mini DIY roundup of the week:
DIY Tassel Necklace by Say Yes to Hoboken // DIY Vintage Map Personalized Stationery (with gorgeous free printables) by Ellinée // DIY Patterned Tights by Lemon Jitters //

P.S.: Love DIY projects? Expect a huge Holiday DIY roundup during next week!


  1. I've been wishing that I could find more pretty tights in the shops in South Africa, so maybe I can make them myself. Sometimes I can get bright colours, but so often the shops only have boring black and brown.

  2. Anonymous12/07/2012

    That stationary is gorgeous! Definitely wanting to make this now!

  3. Those patterned tights are fabulous. Thanks for pointing me to the tute!

  4. Love the tights too!!

  5. You always have the most beautiful DIY!!
    Thanks you so much.
    Have a lovely we.

  6. Love the tights! I can never have too many letter-decorating ideas either :)

  7. Yay I can't wait to see the holiday round up! I always feel so crafty around this time of the year and made a mini Christmas tree from tree clippings :)

    I love those DIY tights! :)

  8. I would like to thank you for such a good post